Manila Miracle Revival 2008
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Manila Miracle Revival 2001
March 6 to March 8, Plenary Hall, PICC, Manila

There were so many healing cases during the three nights that no one could possibly know them all. God's miracles began to flow even before the meetings started in the Plenary Hall, PICC, Manila.

Each night, people came with expectation. Each wanted a touch from God. Many traveled more than five hours just to be at the meetings; several even started their journey two days before the event. They were not disappointed.

Every night, fervent praise and worship saturated the atmosphere of the auditorium. When Evangelist Rony Tan took the pulpit, the hearts of the people were so open that they just soaked up the Word of God through his simple and clear preaching. Faith soared and miracles exploded!

Someone hit Pastor Anthony C. Ibasan's right ear 15 years ago. Subsequently, he became deaf in his right ear but he regained hearing in that ear instantly the first night. A wife was cured of cervix cancer while her husband was healed of asthma in the same meeting!

A man was healed of chronic stomach ulcer 13 years ago when Evangelist Rony Tan held a crusade in Manila back in 1988. He came forward to testify that the healing has been permanent. He had since accepted Christ and was currently worshipping at a local church.

Many were healed of various illnesses such as chest pain, backache, migraine, high blood pressure, growths, cataract, blindness, goitre, stroke, deafness, dumbness and many more. There were so many healed of similar sicknesses that their healing testimonies had to be presented in groups. It was not uncommon to hear from the platform, "This group of people has been healed of chest pain; that group has been healed of backache…."

During the salvation call, hundreds streamed forward pressing in to receive the healing of their sin-sick souls - the greatest miracle of all.

The addition to God's Kingdom was not limited to the meeting times alone. A lady was ministered to by a Gospelighter and saved on the flight to Manila. A local driver and a professional musician gave their lives to Jesus. Even after the landing back in Singapore, one Gospelighter shared his experience in Manila with a taxi driver ferrying him home. The driver received his salvation and also healing from chronic cough.

Indeed, Jesus heals and saves, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

On the last night in Manila, Evangelist Rony Tan shared his commitment and passion in seeing Revival in Singapore and in Manila. He and his team are planning to return to Manila again. So, watch out for the dates and join us in this LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE!